Major carpet and rug manufacturers for years have recommended the hot water extraction method of cleaning. Hot water extraction cleaning removes the built up soil and grit from deep down in the carpet pile as well as other foreign material. Our equipment is powered by the truck engine developing over 250 horse power giving us all the power necessary to do an outstanding job of cleaning.
The kind of cleaning you have come to expect from Grimaldi’s Cleaning.

Our system is completely self contained. We supply all of our own clean water and have a separated recovery tank for the proper disposal of dirty water. The only item that we will bring into your home is a hose and a cleaning wand. The only sound you will hear is the whisper of our cleaning tool.

Unlike shampoo methods that lightly surface clean your carpet or rug only re-arranging the soil or pushing the soil deeper into the carpet pile, Grimaldi’s powerful system completely deep cleans, rinses and leaves your carpets looking beautiful again.

Shampoo methods do not extract all the soap from the carpeting leaving a residue behind that will continue to clean the bottom of your shoes causing the carpet or rug to re-soil very quickly. Therefore, your carpets need to be cleaned more often.

When Grimaldi’s cleans your carpeting, your carpets are thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and extracted and they stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

Your carpeting looks vividly brighter showing the true beauty and deep color you remember your carpets once had.


  • We understand the importance of caring for your rugs and carpets. Regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to their longevity.
  • Whatever kind of rug you have, we will carefully examine it, determining what the specific ideal cleaning process is for it.
  • Grimaldi’s specializes in cleaning fine orientals. Whether they are domestic or imported. New or family heirlooms, our trained professionals will painstakingly clean your fine Oriental rugs to show off their hidden beauty.


  • Proper cleaning of Berber carpets and the use of the proper chemicals is of the utmost importance.
  • Improper cleaning solutions or over wetting Berber carpets can cause wicking streaks in the carpet after it is dry.
  • Grimaldi’s takes the utmost care inĀ  identifying Berber carpeting. We use only chemicals made specifically for Berbers and treat your quality investment properly so you will enjoy it in it’s original color for many years to come.